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To Our Partners;

It was pioneering spirit that drove the founders of G Logistics when they laid the base for the company, in Turkey. And pioneering spirit also drove the generations after them, as they expanded and developed the company into today’s international provider of transport logistics solutions. G Logistics is renowned as a specialist for Eurasia and today offers its services in Western and Eastern Europe, in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and in the Middle and Far East. And while other companies often service those markets merely as a by-product of their operations, G Logistics focuses on Eurasia .

Our commitment is aimed at sustainability and longevity. We respect foreign cultures, strengthen the human factor in our work, and make wise use of natural resources – this motto has become living practice for everyone of our staff, at every location. Thus, G Logistics is deeply rooted in the local, national markets, while at the same time, our internationally highly competent personnel offers largely standardized services. Pioneering spirit has driven and is driving our company.

Innovations such as trans-national tracking and tracing of all groupage and less-than-full-container-load shipments from Europe to Central Asia provide transparency and reliable control. With each of our innovations, we aim at covering our customers´ transport logistics demands more efficiently. In Frankfurt, Istanbul, Moscow or Almaty – wherever we work for our customers, we work hard every day to offer optimal, customized transport logistics solutions. Still guided by pioneering spirit and innovativeness, and with sustainability in mind.

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