"Being intimately familiar with the local market and mentality, while at the same time working within a wide, far-reaching network – that’s the formula for success in national and international transport logistics."

Our network makes all the difference

Logistics is a people business! We dispose of the well-founded know-how that enables us to work out the best logistics solution, we have the year long experience in the markets we service, and we understand the customer’s every need: All this makes our service perfect.

We run an extensive network. Our local managers are internationally trained; our committed stamembers are widely knowedgeable as to the local needs and frame conditions. We thus combine international competence and intensive regional market knowledge – to our customers´ advantage.

Our customers refer to G Logistics as “the East specialist” – an epithet that fills us with pride. For we certainly did contribute our share to the development of the local markets as we developed our branches and our logistics portfolio. We have grown organically. Then and now, our full concentration is on these and other “new” markets.

Yet we do not only service the classical “race tracks” – we service especially those routes that are becoming more and more inter-esting for our customers as they are being politically and economically integrated, i.e. from Germany to Uzbekistan or from Turkey to Morocco.

For our area-wide coverage we work with strong partners. We are among the founding members of the air freight cooperation Future, of the sea freight cooperation “Group 99” and Global Container Group. Since 2009, we have been oering area wide road services in cooperation with CargoLine, the groupage network. Here, too, we contribute our special expertise as a specialist for the East – with the highest grade of perfection for our customers.

1 Afghanistan
2 Algeria
3 Azerbaijan
4 Belorussia
5 Bulgaria
6 China
7 Czech Republic
8 France
9 Georgia
10 Germany
11 Greece
12 Hungary
13 India
14 Iran
15 Italy
16 Kazakhstan
17 Kyrgyzstan
18 Latvia
19 Libya
20 Lithuania
21 Macedonia
22 Mongolia
23 Morocco
24 Poland
25 Rumania
26 Russia
27 Slovakia
28 South Africa
29 Switzerland
30 Tajikistan
31 Tunisia
32 Turkey
33 Turkmenistan
34 Ukraine
35 United Arab Emirates
36 Uzbekistan
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